Jeremy, a Marseille native, moved from the south of France to Paris early on to attend Film School where, he began his constant search for harmony and perfection in images.

Since then, Jeremy Charbit has travelled the globe extensively directing and experimenting in beautiful film, leading him to develop his own unique sense of storytelling.

His body of work covers all aspects of beauty film and fashion advertising — vivid worlds with bold art direction, polished cinematic imagery, macro and staged product shots, lifestyle-esque portrait pieces — and includes award-winning projects for prestigious brands like Sephora, Essie, Citroën, and Intimacy.

His multi awarded Kusmi Tea campaign was a major breakthrough which won awards in prestigious festivals and industry prizes.

His campaign for Joon, the new millennial-focused sister airline from Air France also got him extra recognition as he worked with the brand to help establish their visual identity through the vibrant, high-energy piece, which has been highlighted in publications including Forbes and Adweek.

Jeremy’s career-long focus on visual innovation often leads to a balance between both daring and elegant, and always features beautifully composed shots. It is also inherent in his well-honed technique as a photographer and expertise working with CGI. Jeremy Charbit is renowned for storytelling that is visually driven and beautifully art directed and styled, particularly in the beauty and fashion categories.

Jeremy skills has been called for lots of projects involving celebrities such Bruce Willis, Dmitriy Nagiev (considered as one of the most show business figures in Russia), French Soccer player Olivier Giroud (Fifa world cup soccer champion 2018), music artists Valeriy Syutkin, Molly, the rapper Face, Asian superstars (Lay Zang, Mr Xiang Zuo & Ms Guo Bi Ting, Zhang-Yi-Xing....).